Moorbach hiking

Moorbach hiking – a wellness concept for body, mind and soul. We are hiking barefootly through cold little streams, the moor and the forest. Let yourself be guided by Eva Schusser and feel the power of nature. The whole body is activated, you feel relaxed and your mind is focused to the beauty of nature!

In summer 2017, moorbach hiking is once a week in our activity program.

Enjoy nature in its original form and experience moments of happiness!

Moorbach hiking in one of the most picturesque areas of Carinthia not only refreshes tired bones, but also stimulates body and mind.We regularly take our guests through the meandering mountain streams, the moss and the healing moor. Call us, we will tell you more about it. Moorbach hiking over a long period strengthens the back muscles, reduces pain and stimulates your immune system.

Feel your body and listen to it. Your muscles need some attention and tension is released rapidly. Your body will be thankful!

Here you have some information about our hiking packages: Package deals